Greenland Sculptures,

Tupilaks & Fabel Dyr

Dutch Nederlands

Tupilaks & Fabel Dyr
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On stock: over 30 tupilaks and soapstone sculptures from East- and West Greenland. All handmade and unique by Greenlandic Inuit artists, like:

Anders Kilime, Eigil Kunuk,
Anton Goliathsen, Asser Mikaelsen,
Peter M. Petersen and Tyge Johnsen.

Tupilak, nalikkatseeq
Wilhelm Kunuk
Polar bear family
Bone tupilak
Anders Sianiale
Tupilak, nalikkatseeq
Marthe Pape
Tupilak, seal
Lars Poulsen
Tupilak, female
Lars Poulsen

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